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                                                                   ROOF .

The finding of vd- couverture91

Most infiltration of building roofs in small elements occur at critical points :
links between catchment ( roof capping , valleys, hips ) ;
connections between slopes and walls ( flashing ) and edging sides ( lateral banks , sewer ) ;
attachment or integration of solar ( thermal and photovoltaic) roof , which have many singular points , not always made ​​by roofers.

Line upper junction of two roof planes inclined at opposite slopes : the ridge is the watershed stormwater .

Public sealing an inside corner or corner piece that makes up the seal.
The valley is part of a roof that receives more water ( it channels the water flowing from both sides ) , it must be treated with special care .

Creeping prominent line formed by the intersection of two slopes of a roof ( other than the ridge ) .

Lateral end of a roof panel , other than the top or sewers (straight or angled) .
A bank is said to be right if it is parallel to the line of greatest slope bias in the opposite case ( the bank skews the water leaking is usually a hip ), the leading edge of a roof panel is its upper edge , when it is not a ridge .
Boundary or a low pitch of the roof , to which runoff rainwater to drain into a gutter or gutter .
There are:
the right sewer, which is perpendicular to the line of greatest slope of the drainage and can be normal or rolled .
sewer through which the online form with a slope angle greater than 45 ° (below is an oblique side ) .

Small canal at the base of the roof , in sewage , in collection or at the junction of two slopes to collect rainwater and direct it to a downspout .
The gutter can be made of clay , stone, concrete or metal , and protected or not by a sealing system. Various systems design, layout and fixing gutters , rafter on sandpit , built on said blocks on ledges are encountered ...
The gutter can be defined as a small gutter suspended under the roof drains .
Conceded that a gutter is disposed between a roof crawling and a vertical wall , or into a valley .

How to trim the edges or a roof penetrations ; ruellée often means the pinion , which work as rampant pinion and which are engaged in roofing materials .
A strip of flashing is a way of bib zinc engraved in a wall to protect a record sealing along a penetration.

Mounting the edge of a web or a sealing flap in a groove formed in a vertical wall at the base of a side of window, over a band at the top of a record of sealing roof terrace ...

The side wall consists of a skylight window or filling .
It is based on a chevron played , its masonry is either coated or bristling with roofing material.
Dormer or chiensis

Small skylight roof , the roof is rolled sloping inverse of that of the roof, evoking his profile more or less that of a dog who would sit on the roof. This arrangement is typical of the attic of old buildings in Paris , where several rows of dormers are sometimes found .
By an unfortunate distortion, the dormer window often means a single rampant , even in the current language , all kinds of skylights.
Verification is required as well as the sealing of your roof control : consult a specialist roofing

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